Sosha completely soaked her pants

Wetting Thin White Pants

In this stunningly high quality photo gallery Sosha pees in her thin, white pants, which grow transparent with wetness and clean to her legs.

This photo gallery features the very lovely Sosha, wearing thing white pants and a light gray tank top.  Set inside a cozy home, She does some cute poses for the camera as she waits for her bladder to fill.  Then, desperate to pee, we get several more shots of her holding herself.  Finally, she lets go, soaking the thin fabric of her pants, cause the cloth to become slightly transparent and cling to her legs.  The gallery is then rounded out with several more shots as she shows off her wet clothes for the camera.

Preview Images

Looking cute, posing for the camera
A huge smile of relief is visible on her face as she starts to pee her pants
Looking slightly embarrassed as she wets herself
Showing off her completely soaked pants after she peed in them