Sosha and Alisha inspect the panties that they both just peed in

Wetting the Same Panties

Check out this video where Alisha and Sosha take turns peeing in the same pair of panties.

First, we have Alisha who pees in the blue striped panties.  We get to watch as she steps into the cotton briefs, pulls them up, and then pees into them.  We can see her pee stream force its way through her underwear and fall down between her legs to the floor.  Once she is done peeing, she takes off the pissy wet panties and hands them to Sosha.

With the panties still wet, Sosha puts them on.  Pulling them up so they are snug against her, Sosha can feel the wetness from Alisha’s pee against her private parts.  Now wearing the wet underwear, Sosha pees in them as well.  After she finishes peeing in them, she takes them off.

Sosha and Alisha are now both naked below the waist, and still a bit damp from wetting themselves.  Standing in front of the camera, they hold up the wet panties that they both peed in and briefly discuss how it felt.

Preview Images

Alisha holds up the panties she is about to pee in as Sosha looks on
Alisha getting read to pee in her panties
Close up view of Alisha peeing in her underwear
Alisha takes off the underwear she just peed in
Alisha hands the panties she just peed in to Sosha
Sosha puts on the wet underwear that Alisha just peed in
Sosha reacts positively to putting on wet underwear that Alisha peed in
Close up of Sosha peeing in the same panties that Alisha just peed in
Alisha inspects the wet panties that Sosha just peed in while Sosha is still wearing them
Alisha watches as Sosha takes off the wet, peed in, panties