A little bit embarrassed as she pees in her panties.

Wetting Panties in Black and White

Can wetting photos ever be artistic?  We think so!  In this black and white portrait series Sosha pees in her panties and it all gets captured on camera.

In this photo set we get to enjoy more than 130 gorgeous, black and white, photographs of Sosha.  Wearing only panties, Sosha poses for the camera, looking incredibly sexy.  After several wonderful poses, we get several pictures where she looks like she needs to pee.  She presses her legs together and holds her crotch.

After several desperation photos, she pees in her panties.  Starting as just a small trickle, it soon evolves into a full torrent. We get more than a dozen photos of her wetting.  Afterwards, we get several more dozen images of her showing off and enjoying her wet underwear.

Preview Images

Sosha needs to pee
Starting to pee in her panties
She enjoys peeing in her underwear
Showing off her wet panties