Alisha peeing in her leggings

Wetting Outside the Bathroom

It is early in the morning and Alisha needs to pee.  The bathroom, however, is currently occupied.  Rather than try to hold it, she decides to simply pee in her leggings outside the bathroom, recording the entire ordeal on her cell phone for us to watch.

Early in the morning, before the planned video shoot, Alisha records herself on her phone as she heads to the bathroom.  She soon discovers that the bathroom is in use.  Desperate to pee, Alisha weighs her options, as Sosha encourages her to simply go pee outside.

Alisha doesn’t want to risk getting caught peeing outdoors, but also doesn’t want to struggle to keep holding it, risking an accident.  She decides the best thing to do is simply to pee in her leggings, right where she is standing, outside the bathroom door.  As Sosha watches, Alisha proceeds to wet herself.  As professional models on a wetting fetish site, this is is no big deal for either of them.  After peeing in her leggings, Alisha stops recording and goes to clean up.

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First thing in the morning Alisha needs to pee
Alisha needs to pee and discovers the bathroom door is locked
Sosha encourages Alisha to go pee outside
Alisha decides to pee in her leggings, standing on a pee pad
Alisha makes a yellow puddle on the pee pad
Alisha's leggings are wet after she pees in them