Wetting on the Overpass

In her most public wetting video yet, Sosha stands on a pedestrian overpass and wets her pants in full view of passing traffic.

In this video Sosha visits a pedestrian bridge crossing a major freeway. As she explains, she really needs to pee. Standing on top of the overpass, in full view of passing traffic, she pees in her jeans. Her pants are now completely soaked and she is in a wide open public arena. Still, she takes a minute to show off her dripping wet pants to the camera.

Just then though another group of people start crossing the bridge, heading straight towards Sosha! Wanting to avoid any further embarrassment or any kind of a confrontation she makes a run for it. Once back in the safety of the car she talks about what happened.

This video shows-

  • Sosha peeing in her tight jeans in public.
  • Showing off her soaking wet pants after the peeing.
  • Running away in wet jeans after a group of people starts heading toward her.
  • Sosha talking about the experience afterwards.