Close-up shot of Alisha peeing in her light colored pants as she sits on the bed.

Wetting on the Bed Request

Fulfilling a request from one of our members, Alisha pees on her bed on purpose in this video.

We always love it when we get requests for videos.  Especially when they are reasonable requests that we can actually pull off.  Unfortunately, as it turns out, we aren’t all that good at fulfilling user requests all the way, but at least we tried, right?

Here is the original request that we based this video on-

My request is to have one of your models sitting in bed with jeans on, talking to you about how she has a wetting fetish… and after she asks if you want to watch, she gets on her knees on the bed and lets loose!

Now, we were successful with having Alisha pee on the bed; that part worked out okay.  As for the rest of it, we kinda dropped the ball.  For one thing, by the time we had got around to shooting this scene, Alisha had already peed in all of her jeans that she had brought with.  So instead of jeans, she is wearing light-colored work pants.

We also failed when it came to the requested dialog.  Sosha, who was resting on the top bunk, was in a snarky mood and kept interrupting Alisha as she tried to do the video.  As a result, the dialog wasn’t anything close to what was requested.

The final way we screwed up this request is that Alisha ended up peeing on the bed while sitting, not on her hands and knees as requested.  We did try to have her on her hands and knees, but doing this scene on the bottom bunk there just wasn’t enough room.

After Alisha pees on the bed and then, even though it wasn’t part of the request, takes off her pants and wet underwear.  She lays down on the wet bed naked, then proceeds to masturbate as Sosha watches from the top bunk.

Preview Images

Sitting on the bottom bunk, Alisha talks to Sosha on the top bunk.
Sosha watches from the top bunk as Alisha prepares to wet herself.
Close-up as Alisha starts to pee in her pants. A small wet spot is visible between her legs.
Close-up as Alisha is in the midst of fully peeing herself. The crotch of her pants is soaking wet, and yellow pee soaks the light bedsheet as it spills over the side of the bed to the floor.
Sosha and Alisha talk after Alisha peed on the bed.
Alisha stands next to the bed, facing away from the camera, showing us the back of her wet pants.
Close up of Alisha in her wet panties.
Laying on the wet bottom bunk, Alisha takes off her wet underwear and shows them to Sosha.
Medium close shot of Alisha laying on the bed and masturbating.
Wide shot of Alisha masturbating on the bottom bunk as Sosha watches her from the top bunk.