Wetting her jeans from behind

Wetting Jeans With Sosha

This photo gallery features more than two hundred pictures of Sosha wetting her jeans in the forest.

Surrounded by scenic woodland, we find Sosha deep in the forest.  She poses for our camera, but is desperate to pee.  There are several photographs where she is trying to look cute, but is having to cross her legs and even hold herself to keep from having a wetting accident.

Despite all the contortions Sosha does trying to hold it in, eventually she wets her pants.  There are several dozen photographs depicting the wetting in progress, from the first tiny leak all the way through completion of peeing.  By the time her bladder is empty, her jeans are completely soaked.

She shows off her wet jeans for the camera, turning around so we can see just how bad of wetting accident she had.  After giving us ample views of her sopping jeans, she takes them off, revealing her wet pink panties.  We get some more poses of Sosha, now without pants, holding her jeans up to the camera, as if she is proud to of peed her pants.

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Sosha is desperate to pee
Wetting her pants
Wetting her pants from behind
Holding up her peed in pants for the camera