Sosha shows off the jeans she just peed in.

Wetting Jeans in a Public Restroom

In this naughty pissing video Sosha intentionally pees in her jeans in a public restroom, recording it all with her phone for us to watch.

This video comes to us directly from Sosha, who filmed it herself on her phone.  Needing to pee, she stops by a public bathroom but isn’t content to simply use the toilet like one typically would do.  Instead, she enters a stall, sets up her phone so it is pointing at her, and intentionally pees in her jeans.  After wetting her pants, she shows them off to the camera.  She then proceeds to change into dry clothes and leaves the stall.

Preview Images

Sosha records herself as she enters a public restroom.
Propping up her phone to record.
Hanging up her backpack in the bathroom stall.
Standing in front of the camera wearing jeans and a yellow shirt.
Starting to pee in her pants.
A large wet pee stain is visible on the back of her jeans.
A wet patch is very visible on the front of her pants extending down her legs.
Sosha tries to keep quiet after peeing in her pants.
Taking off her wet jeans.
Preparing to put on dry pants.