She peed in her jeans in the forest

Wetting Jeans For Fun

Here is another huge, exciting photo set featuring Sosha.  With 150 unique photographs, we get to check out Sosha as she pees in her jeans and shows them off for the camera.

Set in a lush forest setting, Sosha poses for our camera, looking adorable.  After a dozen or so images, she starts to look desperate.  Moving through the photo set, it is clear just how desperate she is to pee as she grabs at her crotch and crosses her legs while looking very concerned.

After a bit of desperation, the rest of the photo set is all Sosha peeing in her pants, and showing off her wet jeans afterwards.  In more than have the images in this photo set Sosha’s jeans are wet.

Preview Images

Sosha looks cute as she poses for our camera
Peed a little bit in her jeans
She completely peed her pants
Wet ass in peed in jeans