Looking up from under Alisha as she pees her pants

Wetting Jeans on the Camera

In this sexy jeans wetting video, Alisha pees through her pants and directly onto a camera placed below her.

We join Alisha outside on the deck where we find her wearing a black, zip-up, hoodie and jeans.  Holding a small waterproof camera in her hand, she announces her intention to stand over the camera and pee in her pants.  She places the camera on the deck below her, then, standing over the camera, intentionally pees in her jeans.

The wetting is captured not just from the camera below her, but also from the front facing camera.  This means we get to see the entirety of Alisha wetting her pants from below in real time, from the front and real time, and then replayed again from below in slow motion.  After she is done peeing, she takes off her wet jeans and holds them up for the camera.

Preview Images

Alisha explains how she is going to wet her pants while standing over the camera
Alisha stands over the camera, ready to pee in her pants
Shot from below as Alisha starts to pee
Standing over the camera, Alisha pees in her pants
View from below as Alisha finishes wetting her jeans
View from the front as Alisha starts to pee in her pants
Medium shot of Alisha peeing in her jeans
After she wet her pants, she looks a bit surprised
Taking off her wet pants after she peed in them
Holding up her wet jeans for the camera