Alisha and Olivia peeing themselves at the same time.

Wetting in the Shower

Watch Alisha and Olivia simultaneously pee in their pants, then shower in their clothes, in this video.

Alisha is wearing a black t-shirt and jeans while Olivia is wearing a pink shirt and white leggings.  Standing next to each other in the shower, they simultaneously pee in their pants on purpose.  Once they are done peeing, Alisha closes the shower door and they proceed to shower together, fully clothed.  As they shower, they remove their soaked clothing, getting completely naked, and make out.

Preview Images

Alisha and Olivia standing together in the shower.
Close-up shot of Alisha and Olivia starting to pee in their pants.
Close-up shot showing Alisha and Olivia in the midst of wetting themselves.
A shot of the pee-puddle around Alisha and Olivia's feet.
Alisha and Olivia inspect their wet pants.
A close-up of Alisha and Olivia's wet pants.
Alisha closing the shower door.
Alisha and Olivia shower togther while fully dressed.
In the shower, Alisha and Olivia take their clothes off.
Alisha and Olivia make out naked in the shower.