Image showing three separate selfies of Alisha peeing her pants.

Wetting Her Pants in the Bathroom

Check out these selfies from Alisha as she intentionally pees her pants in the bathroom.

This gallery features more than 50 selfies of Alisha as she wets her pants on purpose.  In these photos we find Alisha in the bathroom wearing a red tank top and light brown pants.  Photographing herself in the bathroom mirror, she intentionally pees in her pants, taking photos the whole time.

After she is done peeing, she takes several more pictures showing off her soaking wet pants.  Eventually, she takes off her pants, showing her dripping wet pink panties underneath.

Preview Images

A profile selfie in the bathroom mirror of Alisha.
Alisha photographs the front of her pants as she starts to pee herself.
Rear view of Alisha's wet pantis.
A selfie showing off Alisha's soaked panties.