Wetting and Touching

This lovely, simple video, takes us into the forest with Nikko where we get to watch her do what she does best- Pee in her pants and masturbate.

Talking directly to the camera, Nikko shares her love of wetting, describing everything she enjoys about the sensation as she pees in her pants.  Once she is done talking about wetting her pants, she actually does it.  The camera goes in for a close up as she pees, soaking her jeans.  We can see the blue denim grow instantly dark as it becomes wet.  As she pees, the camera pans down to show the stream flowing from the bottom of her pants leg, making a puddle on the ground.

Once Nikko’s bladder is empty, she takes a brief moment to herself to soak in the sensation of wearing wet pants and think about how we all just witnessed her wetting.  This turns her on even more.  So horny she can no longer contain herself, her hand dives straight into her soaked jeans and she begins to masturbate.  Soon, the jeans come off.  Standing in the middle of the forest, bottomless, she rubs herself until she has a screaming orgasm that can be heard for miles.

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