Close-up shot of Alisha peeing in her shorts while Olivia pees in her panties.

Wetting and Bathing Together

We thought it would be fun to make a super wet video with Alisha and Olivia taking a bath together.  But, before they bathe, they pee themselves.

The scene starts with Alisha and Olivia standing together in the bathtub. Alisha is wearing a camouflage shirt and light khaki colored shorts.  Olivia, on the other hand, is wearing a salmon colored t-shirt and tiny pink panties.  While standing in the tub, filled with bath water, they both intentionally pee in their clothes simultaneously.  Their pee streams flow down their legs where it joins with the water.

After they are done peeing they submerge themselves in the bath, soaking the rest of their clothes.  Once completely wet, they undress each other and start kissing.  The kissing soon evolves into making out and groping.  Ultimately, they both end up fingering each other in the bath.  After they both cum they relax together in the warm tub.

Preview Images

Alisha and Olivia standing together in the bath tub.
Close up on Alisha and Olivia's crotch areas just before they pee themselves.
Close-up showing Alisha and Olivia starting to pee in their clothes.
Close-up showing Alisha's wet shorts and Olivia's wet panties after they both peed.
Wide shot of Alisha and Olivia standing in the tub in their wet clothes.
Alisha and Oliva kissing in the bath tub, still fully dressed.
Olivia removes Alishas wet shorts in the tub.
Both naked in the bath tub, Alisha and Olivia make out and finger one another.
Close-up shot showing Olivia groping Alisha's boob with one h and and fingering her with the other.
Wide shot showing Alisha and Olivia fingering each other in the bath.