Pee flows from Sosha's cotton panties onto Alisha

Wetting 1970’s Style

This lesbian golden shower video takes us back to an earlier era of adult entertainment when things were a bit classier.

In many ways, the 1970’s represented the peak of adult film.  Movies were actually shot on celluloid and projected in theaters.  Professional talent was involved, from the people working behind the camera to the actors in front of it.  More care was put into things like lighting and editing, with many movies even having their own original scores.

With this video we tried to replicate the look and feel of a 1970’s porno.  In the scene, we get to watch Alisha and Sosha make out, undress each other, pee through their panties, and ultimately give each other an orgasm while laying in a very wet bed.  All set to an original soundtrack composed to match the style of something you would see in a classic 1970’s adult film.

Preview Images

Sosha and Alisha make out in bed
Having a good time, Sosha and Alisha laugh together
Two girls passionately make out in just their panties
Alisha straddles Sosha
Alisha pees through her panties and onto Sosha
Sosha positions herself on the bed over Alisha
Sosha pees through her panties onto Alisha
Alisha leans forward licking Sosha's pussy
Sosha fingers Alisha in her wet underwear
After climaxing Sosha and Alisha look at each other lovingly