A glimpse inside Sosha's panties after she peed in them

Wet Selfies in Striped Panties

What would makes a gallery featuring selfies by a cute girl in her underwear even better?  How about if she is peeing in her panties in the pictures?

In this photo gallery we get nearly 50 photos sent to us directly from Sosha.  Taken herself, in her bathroom, these selfies have a home made, amateur feel to them.  Shedding the sleek, professional, studio style work we usually do, these pictures have a more intimate feel.  They are created by Sosha, with just her phone, for you.  In these images she pees in her blue striped panties, then shows off her wet underwear and puddle on the floor.

Preview Images

Taking a selfie in the mirror, Sosha looks cute wearing just a t-shirt and panties.
Peeing in her panties while she takes a selfie
Showing off her wet underwear
Looking inside her panties after she peed in them