Peeing through her denim shorts wetting her bed

Wet Phone Call

Watch Alisha intentionally pee through her denim shorts and all over her bed while talking on the phone with her friend in this playful wetting video.

Enjoying a lazy afternoon, relaxing on her bed, Alisha comes to the realization that she needs to pee.  Instead of getting up and going to the bathroom, however, she calls her friend, Sosha.

Sosha answers the phone, and Alisha explains that she needs to pee pretty bad.  With Sosha’s encouragement, Alisha kneels on the bed and pees through her denim shorts, soaking her bed sheets and mattress.  As she does this, she describes it all in detail to Sosha, who is listening intently.  Alisha’s description of wetting herself is making Sosha so horny that she starts to masturbate while on the phone.

Soon, Alisha realizes that Sosha is pleasuring herself.  Instead of being upset, she decides to have some fun with Sosha, describing the sensation of peeing herself in even more graphic and sexual detail.  After Sosha climaxes, they decide to try to get together in person soon.  Alisha says goodbye so she can go clean up, and the video comes to an end.

Preview Images

Alisha calls Sosha on the phone
Sosha answers the phone when Alisha calls her
Alisha prepares to pee on her bed
Close up of Alisha peeing through her denim shorts onto her bed
Alisha pees through her shorts and describes it to Sosha over the phone
Sosha touches herself and Alisha describes wetting her shorts and her bed
Sosha masturbates while talking on the phone with Alisha
Alisha tries to describe things as sexual as possible as Sosha masturbates on the phone
While on the phone with Alisha, Sosha has an orgasm
Close up showing Alisha in her peed in shorts and with wet bed sheets under her.