While getting ready in the bathroom Sosha pees in her pajamas

Wet Pajamas in the Morning

While engaged in her morning routine in the bathroom, Sosha pees in her pajamas in this video.

This video takes us inside the bathroom with Sosha as she gets ready in the morning.  She brushes her hair, and then starts working on her makeup.  From the way she is fidgeting,  however, it seems as if she badly needs to pee.

Instead of using the toilet though, she simply lets go in her pajamas.  As she puts her makeup on she wets herself, soaking her pajamas and making a puddle on the floor.  Afterwards she takes off her wet pajamas and exits the bathroom.

Preview Images

Tired, Sosha walks into the bathroom.
Combing her hair
Crossing her legs needing to pee.
Putting on her makeup
Starting to pee in her pajamas
Completely soaking her pajamas as she pees in them.
Sosha's feet standing in the pee puddle she just made.
Standing in her wet pajamas after wetting herself.
Walking out of the bathroom carrying her wet pajamas