View of Alisha's wet panties as she takes them off

Wet Jeans and Panties Selfies

Check out these pictures that Alisha sent us.  They show her wetting her pants, then showing off her wet jeans and panties in the bathroom.

These selfies were e-mailed to us directly from Alisha.  She took these pictures herself, in the bathroom, as she intentionally pees in her jeans.  There are several images where she shows off her wet pants, before she takes them off revealing her wet panties.  By the end of the photo set, she has stripped off all of her wet clothes and is bottomless.

Preview Images

Alisha flashes her boobs at the camera
Close up of her crotch as she starts to pee in her pants
View from behind as she wets her jeans
Alisha holds up the wet jeans she just peed in to show them off to the camera