Alisha holds up her wet panties after she peed herself

Wet Herself in the Bathroom

For this photo set we step into the bathroom with Alisha where she grows desperate to pee, ultimately wetting her pants, even though she is standing next to the toilet.

This gallery features more than 50 unique images of Alisha in the bathroom.  For the first dozen or so pictures, she is simply looking sexy as she poses for the camera.  As we progress through the photos, we get several pictures where she is clearly looking desperate to pee, crossing her legs and holding her crotch.  Eventually we get several pictures as she is actually peeing in her pants.

Her pants grow dark with wetness as she pees in them.  We can see how it starts out as just a little bit, but the photos document how the wet patch grows larger, extending down her legs. There are several pictures were she takes her pants off, revealing her visibly wet pants.  Ultimately, she takes the underwear off and poses holding them up, nude below the waist, but seemingly happy to show off how she just peed.

Preview Images

Alisha is squeezing her legs and holding herself because she desperately needs to pee
View from behind as Alisha starts to pee in her pants, a small wet patch is visible
View from behind as Alisha is peeing in her pants. A large wet patch extends down her legs.
Standing in the bathroom wearing visibly wet panties and wet pants around her ankles after she peed herself.