Sosha looks a bit embarrassed as she pees her pants.

Wet Denim

Sosha pees in her jeans while standing outside on the deck in this giant photo gallery featuring over one hundred exclusive high resolution photos.

We promise this is a recent photo set, and not from the 1990’s, even though you might not know it from the amount of denim Sosha is wearing in these pictures.  Posing in jeans and a denim coat, Sosha playfully teases the camera, showing off her assets, before it becomes obvious that she needs to pee.  There are a few desperation photos where Sosha is squeezing her legs, but most of this gallery is the main event.

A rapid shutter helped us capture dozens of razor sharp photographs as Sosha pees.  As a result, you can see everything from the very first wet spot between her legs to her jeans being completely soaked, and everything in between.  You can clearly see the tiny drips falling from her pants, streams pouring from the cuff of her pants, and the wet fabric glisten in the light as trickles flow down her legs.

After she is done peeing, Sosha is left standing outside in completely soaked pants.  Instead of changing right away, however, she takes the time to show off her visibly wet jeans to the camera, the entire time happily smiling with relief and the enjoyment of being wet.

Preview Images

Sosha poses for the camera outdoors, wearing jeans and a denim jacket.
A wet stain is visible around Sosha's crotch as she starts to pee herself.
Fully wetting her pants, the wet patch spreads down both Sosha's legs and the mosture glistens in the light
A rear view as Sosha shows off the jeans she just peed in.