Wet Bikini Lick

Sosha licks Alisha through her bikini bottoms as she pees.

We already knew Sosha was kinky, but we didn’t know she was this kinky! Sosha and Alisha are in the hot tub together. Alisha needs to pee, so she stands over Sosha and spreads her legs. The plan was for Alisha to pee through her bikini bottoms onto Sosha’s chest.

Once Alisha starts peeing Sosha decided to have a bit more fun. She starts licking Alisha through her swimsuit as she pees. Alisha doesn’t seem to mind though. Once she has finished peeing she sits back down in the hot tub and they make out.

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    • TVGuy says:

      Making these videos costs money. Why don’t you go spend your own money to hire models, buy a video camera, make a video, design and host a website, so you can give it away for free?

  1. undercoverpr says:

    Incredible video! well worth the money.I love wet swim suits, I love when a girl licks another girls pee. Just gold. pun intended.

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