Sosha pees her pants to warm up

How to Warm Up on a Cold Day

In this video, Sosha demonstrates how she is able to keep herself warm on a freezing cold day.

We join Sosha in the forest, where she explains how she was out for a leisurely drive, and has been drinking lots of coffee.  Now desperate to pee, she finds herself alone, with no bathroom in sight.  It is extremely cold out, so she decides to warm herself up by peeing in her pants.

The camera goes in for a close up as she pees.  The wetness clearly shows on her pants as she wets, and in the quiet forest the hissing sound is extremely audible. We can see the wet streams soak down her pants legs and drip off.  When she is all done peeing, she turns around, giving us a view of her pissy-wet ass in her tight pants.  Now warm, she says goodbye, and heads off to clean herself up.

Preview Images

Sosha standing on a forest road on a cold day
Sosha talking about how cold she is
Talking about how she is going to pee her pants to warm up
Close up of her pants just before she pees
Starting to pee in her pants, just a little bit
Now peeing a lot in her pants
Rear view of her soaking wet pants
Trying to conceal that she wet herself
She doesn't care that she peed her pants because now she is warm
No longer cold, but her pants are wet