Want to Play a Game?

Alisha is tied up and left outside until she pees in her jeans in this video.

Sosha wants to tie Alisha up and make her pee her pants. To convince Alisha to be tied up, Sosha promises that they are just playing a game. Reluctantly Alisha agrees to go along with Sosha’s plan.

As soon as Alisha is all tied up, Sosha walks away, leaving Alisha bound and unable to move. After a while Sosha returns to check on Alisha. She finds Alisha is desperate to pee, on the verge of wetting her pants. As Alisha pees in her jeans the camera goes in for a close up.

The video ends with Alisha still tied up, sitting in her wet pants, annoyed at Sosha. Sosha finds the whole thing hilarious.