Visiting the Gynecologist

Nikko’s annual exam takes a wet turn when she pees all over the nurse and the exam room in this video.

It is time for Nikko’s once a year appointment with the gynecologist, something she truly despises. Already uncomfortable at the aspect of having her girly bits poked and prodded, she grows even more concerned when the nurse states that this is the first time she has ever done this. Nikko changes her mind about the exam, but the nurse, Alisha, isn’t backing down.

With a full bladder, and a nurse making a bee-line straight towards her nether regions, Nikko does the first think she can think of to repel the approaching intrusion- She releases a powerful stream of piss all over, making a mess out of the exam room.

Nurse Alisha is completely shocked. In a state of utter disbelief she leaves to clean herself up. Nikko, meanwhile, is thrilled she managed to repel the exam and makes a note to remember this for next year.