Very Wet Tub Fun

The only way to describe this video is wet. Very, very wet. In this video we gave Sosha and Alisha a small water proof camera and left them alone in the bathroom together. The results are nothing short of spectacular!

We start with watching Sosha and Alisha both peeing in their jeans while they record each other on video. Sosha holds the camera between Alisha’s legs as she pees. The streams of urine escaping Alisha’s jeans splatter on the camera lens. Alisha then takes the camera from Sosha and records as Sosha pees in her pants.

The video isn’t over yet though. While still wearing their peed in clothes both girls step into the bath tub. Things get even wetter as the girls submerge themselves in the bath water. Once they are completely soaked they undress each other.

Now nude and in the bath tub, the video wraps up with Alisha and Sosha engaging in a prolonged nude make out session.

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  1. Seekhunt says:

    Hmm cant seem to buy this video since its "out of stock" What to do ?
    They really seem to have fun in this 😛

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