Very Embarrassing Public Wetting

Sosha pisses her pants in public in this very daring, and incredibly embarrassing, public wetting video.

We didn’t start out trying to do a daring public wetting with this video. Our primary goal was to shoot some excellent true desperation. Sosha had drank several bottles of sports drinks and was really starting to feel at the time we started shooting. We then headed outside where it was a bit chilly to make things even more difficult for Sosha. The plan was simply to follow her around with a camera and see what happened.

The place we chose to shoot this video was pretty secluded. In fact the whole time Sosha was holding and building up we didn’t see any sign of another person. Eventually Sosha ended up having a wetting accident. Just as she started to pee though a car drove by. This was shortly followed by another car coming from another direction. At this point Sosha decided it was time to get out of there, but another vehicle pulls up to an intersection very near us forcing Sosha to try and hide behind a sign.

Eventually all the cars left and Sosha sprinted to safety. Afterwards she takes a minute to talk about the experience and reflect on what just happened.

In this video you get to see-

  • Sosha drinking lots of fluids and getting very desperate in public.
  • Walking around, crossing her legs, and struggling to hold it as long as possible.
  • Sosha having a wetting accident just as a car drives by.
  • More cars driving by as Sosha has no where to hide and soaked jeans.
  • Sosha hiding behind a scene in order to avoid being seen.
  • Sosha reflecting on the experience.