Using the Toilet

Here is something you usually don’t see on HD Wetting- Just a girl using a toilet the normal and correct way.

We have done tons of pants and panty wetting videos, bed wetting, golden showers, public accidents, and more.  What we haven’t done is just a simple video of a woman using a toilet the normal way- not peeing through her panties, not with her friends there, just a normal pee on the toilet.

This is something we have been getting requests for.  We sincerely hope that all of you who have been requesting this kind of video enjoy it. Keep the requests coming.

This video shows-

  • Paige wearing only her panties and a tank top.
  • Pulling down her panties and sitting on the toilet.
  • Paige’s shaved pussy as she sits on the toilet and pees.
  • Standing up and flushing once she is all done.
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  1. jimmy says:

    I have a thought running through my head it is called the practical joke. One of the girls puts cling film over the hole of the toilet before another girl has to pee and it goes everywhere

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