Sorry, there aren’t any vampires in this video. What this video does have is Alisha and Sosha both peeing in their pants, getting naked and going down on each other.

The video opens with Sosha and Alisha engaged in a passionate outdoor make out session just after sunset as the twilight starts to vanish. As they make out they remove each others shirts and grope each other’s breasts.

Sosha is acting kind of funny. She is bending over and squeezing her legs together. Soon we see why- A wet stain suddenly spreads down her leg. Sosha has peed her pants.

Sosha’s accident only excites Alisha. Immediately Alisha helps Sosha out of her soaking wet pants. Once Sosha is completely naked Alisha goes down on her, excitedly licking her pussy.

Now Alisha has to pee. Sosha sits down on the ground as the topless Alisha stands over her. As Sosha watches Alisha pees in her pants. A hot stream of urine bursts from the crotch of Alisha’s pants and splatters all over Sosha.

Once Alisha has finished peeing Sosha pulls her pants off. Now it is Sosha’s turn to go down on Alisha. As we watch Sosha excitedly licks Alisha’s pussy bringing her to an amazing orgasm.