After holding and growing very desperate to pee, Sosha pees in her jeans

Trying to Hold It

Watch Sosha as she gets incredibly desperate to pee, struggling to hold on, before ultimately loosing the battle and peeing in her jeans.

Sosha shot this video herself while she was waiting for a plumber to come fix her toilet.  As she explains, her toilet “exploded” when she tried to use it, so she called a professional.  Now, she finds herself with an achingly full bladder, struggling to wait while the plumber is running late.  As she waits, she records video of herself growing every more desperate.

Finally, she reaches her breaking point and wets her pants.  Her jeans grow visibly wet as she pees in them.  Once she is done peeing her pants are almost completely soaked, but at least she is relieved.  Here the video comes to an end, as Sosha decides she is going to try to quickly go change and clean herself up before the plumber arrives.

Preview Images

Desperate to pee, Sosha clenches her teeth
Sosha's hand is pressing into her crotch as she tries not to pee in her pants
Bursting to pee, Sosha smiles nervously, trying to pretend like everything is ok
Sosha holds herself and does a pee dance
Crossing her legs and holding herself
Pressing her hand firmly into her crotch and squeezing her legs tightly
Her jeans grow visibly dark with wetness as she starts to pee in them
Her jeans are soaked as she pees in them