Tied up in Jeans

Alisha is tied up outside, desperate to pee, but Sosha won’t let her go. We get to watch as Alisha squirms around, desperately trying to maintain bladder control as Sosha teases her.

Eventually Alisha can’t hold it any longer. A flood of pee is released into her jeans as the camera zooms in for a close up. Alisha is embarrassed, but Sosha is delighted. This isn’t the end of the video though. Sosha has some other plans.

As we watch, Sosha removes Alisha’s soaking wet pants. Now bottomless and tied up, Alisha is at Sosha’s mercy. Sosha stars licking Alisha clean and teasing her with her tongue. Eventually Sosha goes all in, resulting in Alisha managing to achieve climax while tied up in standing position outdoors in the rain.