Tied Up and Desperate

Alisha is tied to the bed, wearing only her panties, and desperate to pee in this video.

Nikko, also wearing only her panties, is relishing in Alisha’s discomfort and frantic desperation. We get to watch as Nikko does everything possible to make Alisha pee in her panties. Despite struggling to not wet herself, Alisha soon has an accident in her underwear.

Alisha is wet and embarrassed, but Nikko is very turned on. Taking advantage of Alisha still being tied up, Nikko slides her hand into Alisha’s underwear and begins to finger her. Even though she is humiliated and wet with pee, Alisha can’t help but enjoy Nikko’s touch. Nikko continues to finger Alisha in her soaked panties until Alisha has an orgasm.