Close up of Alisha peeing in her pants.

Tied Up and Desperate to Pee

It’s a sexy bondage desperation and wetting video, followed by a bit of kinky lesbian play, in this video from Alisha in Sosha.

In this scene, Alisha is tied up and desperate to pee.  Sosha is playing the role of a dominatrix, ordering Alisha to just pee in her pants, and harshly scolding her for talking back.  Ultimately Alisha cedes to Sosha’s demands and releases her bladder, wetting her pants.

As a special treat for being a good little pet, Sosha removes Alisha’s wet pants and goes down on her.  Sosha has enough practice doing this with Alisha now that she knows exactly how to make Alisha cum quickly.  After making Alisha climax Sosha walks away, telling Alisha that she will come back to untie her in about half an hour.

Preview Images

Alisha, tied up, is scolded by Sosha.
Alisha's full bladder is being squeezed by her tight pants.
Sosha demanding that Alisha apee in her pants.
Alisha prepares to wet her pants as Sosha looks on.
Close up shot as Alisha starts to pee in her pants.
Peeing in her pants more.
Alisha hangs her head, humiliated, having just peed in her pants as Sosha points and laughs.
Sosha removes Alisha's wet pants.
Sosha performing oral sex on Alisha.
Close up of Alisha's face as she gets close to climaxing.