Tickling Sosha Tied up in Bed

Sosha pees in her panties when Alisha ties her up and tickles her until she has an accident.

In this video featuring Alisha and Sosha we start with Sosha, tied to the bed, and Alisha relentlessly tickling her. Sosha can barely manage to squeal out a few words she is laughing so hard, but the words she can manage to eek out make it clear, she need to pee badly!

Alisha is completely unsympathetic though. She continues to tickle poor Sosha without mercy. Soon the inevitable consequences of all this tickling come to pass. Sosha starts peeing in her panties, but even this isn’t enough to get Alisha to stop. Only after Sosha has finished peeing and the bed is completely soaked does Alisha get bored and decide to stop tickling.

This video shows-

  • Sosha tied to the bed
  • Alisha tickling Sosha
  • Sosha crying that she has to pee
  • Sosha peeing in her panties
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