Tickle, Tickle, Pee

Nikko is tied up, topless, and tickled until she pees her pants in this video.

In this video we are treated to Nikko, tied up, wearing tight jeans and topless and Sosha, wearing sexy lingerie. Nikko is desperate to pee and extremely ticklish. Knowing this, Sosha tickles Nikko with a feather duster, trying to get her to have an accident.

Unable to move, Nikko is helpless. The tickling is just too much and soon Nikko wets her pants. After wetting herself, Sosha sets Nikko free. Upon standing up, we can see just how severe Nikko’s accident really was- Her jeans are soaked. She takes off her wet clothes, giving us a chance to check her out completely naked, before walking away to clean up.