Tickle Pee on Carpet

Sosha has an accident on the carpet when Mary Jane tickles her.

Sosha is minding her own business, reading a book, when Mary Jane pounces on her and tickles her relentlessly. Sosha screams, “I’m gonna pee my pants!” but Mary Jane ignores her and keeps tickling.

Soon the tickling is too much and Sosha pees in her jeans on the carpet.  After she wets her pants, Mary Jane finally stops tickling her, but the damage has already been done.  Sosha has a huge wet stain on her pants and there is a significant pee spot on the carpet.

This video shows-

  • Mary Jane tickling Sosha.
  • Sosha peeing in her jeans on accident from being tickled.
  • Wet spot on Sosha’s pants.
  • Pee stain on the carpet.
  • Mary Jane teasing Sosha about her accident.