Peeing in her thong

Thong Wetting in the Forest

Deep in the forest, Sosha intentionally pees in her thong panties and then masturbates in them in this video.

From the very start of the video, Sosha is peeing in her panties.  The video starts with a close up on her thong and, just as the video starts, she starts to pee.  Soon, her underwear is soaked as her impressive stream pushes its way through the gray cotton fabric.  As she pees, she rubs herself.  When she finally finishes peeing, we pull back to a wide shot of her wearing only a tank top and her freshly soaked thong.

Sosha talks for a minute about how good it just felt, to wet herself, like that, then proceeds to masturbate in her peed in thong.  She rubs herself furiously through the warm, wet cloth.  It doesn’t take her long at all to cum.

The video comes to a close with Sosha, satisfied, still wearing her wet thong, surrounded by forest on a beautiful, warm, summer day.

Preview Images

Starting to dribble in her thong
Rubbing as she pees in her thong
Her thong is soaked after peeing in it
Enjoying the feeling of having wet herself
Touching her wet thong
Touching herself in her peed in thong
Masturbating in her peed in thong
Close up masturbating in her wet thong
Sosha's face as she has an orgasm
Post orgasm, still wearing her peed in thong