The Closet

Sosha and Carly are in the closet together and desperately want to come out in this video.

Carly is relaxing on the sofa when Sosha starts to criticize her messy house. Alisha is on her way over and Sosha feels that the house is ready for guests. Carly doesn’t care, but informs Sosha that there is a broom in the closet if she truly insists on straightening up around the house before Alisha gets there.

Sosha sets off in search of the broom, but is unable to find it. Carly insists that the broom is in the closet and Sosha just isn’t looking hard enough. Carly gets up to help Sosha locate the broom, but when Carly enters the closet she accidentally closes the door behind her.

Not finding the broom they drive to leave the closet, only to find the door is stuck. They are locked in the closet, in the dark, with no way out. To make matters worse both girls are in dire need of the toilet.

They only thing they can do is struggle to maintain control of their bladders and hope that when Alisha gets there she finds them and sets them free. Unfortunately in the war against urine, urine is winning. Sosha looses control first, completely soaking her pants. Carly follows moments later peeing in her jeans.

Only a few minutes of they wet their pants does Alisha arrive. She locates them in the closet and sets them free, but it is too late. Both Sosha and Carly have completely peed their pants.