Sosha wets her pants in public while texting

Texting and Wetting

While texting on her phone, Sosha wets her pants in public in this video.

We find Sosha walking down a public street, wearing jeans and a sweater, in this video.  As she walks, she is pressing her legs together, occasionally crossing them.  It looks very much like she badly needs to pee.

Upon reaching an intersection, she stops walking and focuses on texting.  As she does this, she continues to cross her legs, obviously needing to go very bad.  Then, a dark patch appears between her legs.  It seems like she might have leaked a little bit.  Despite this, she continues to press her legs together and text on her phone.

Continuing to text and press her legs together, it seems for a moment she might not be aware that the wet spot on her jeans is getting larger.  Once she realizes she is peeing she stops texting and looks down at her pants.  She seems shocked that they are visibly wet.  As her pee runs down her legs and her pants get wetter, she looks around, embarrassed.  There is no way she can hide that she wet herself.  Putting her phone away, she hurries across the street seeking privacy.

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Walking along the street, Sosha is desperate to pee
Desperate to pee and playing on her phone
Even though she badly needs to pee, she stps to text
Leaking while texting
Starting to leak a lot
She realizes that she is peeing her pants
Looking around, embarrassed, as she pees in her jeans
She can't believe she is wetting her pants
Texting while wetting her pants in public
Even though she wet her pants, she continues to text