Teal Panty Wetting

Watch this amazing close up of Sosha pissing in her panties!

Personally, I feel sometimes when we focus too much on trying to be creative with our videos we loose track of the most important part- the wetting.    In this video, the wetting is definitely the focus.  It feature’s Sosha, who is always super hot, peeing through her sexy teal panties standing up.

The camera moves in for an exquisite close up of Sosha’s crotch as urine streams through her cotton panties.  After she is done peeing Sosha shows off the damage to her undies and the puddle she made on the floor.

This video shows-

  • Sosha in her sexy teal panties.
  • An amazing close up of Sosha peeing through her underwear.
  • Sosha showing off her went panties and puddle when she is done.
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