Sosha pees in her sweat pants after holding it as long as she could

Talking About Desperation

Watch Sosha as she struggles not to pee in her pants while she talks about being desperate to pee in this video.

For this video we join Sosha already bursting to pee.  She is wearing light gray sweat pants and a pink t-shirt.  Clearly she is about to explode, but instead of going to the bathroom, she talks about what it feels like being desperate to pee and how she kind of enjoys the sensation.  We get to watch as she dances around, holding herself, and crosses her legs, all in a futile attempt to hold on just a bit longer.

Finally she reaches her breaking point and the flood explodes forth.  The light cotton fabric of her sweat pants makes it easy to see the dark wet stain as it glistens, running down her legs.  The sensation of relieve is near orgasmic, and she can’t help but moaning in pleasure as she soaks herself. Once she is done peeing she shows off her soaked pants for a bit and talks about how great it the whole thing felt.

Preview Images

Sosha holds herself and clenches her teeth, clearly desperate to pee
Bending over, Sosha has her legs pressed firmly together, hands in her crotch, struggling not to pee in her pants
Close up of Sosha's face as she is extremely desperate to go pee
Close up of Sosha crossing her legs and holding herself because she needs to pee
Sosha bends forward as she struggles to hold her bladder
A small wet stain is visible on the front of Sosha's pants as she starts to pee in them
A glistening wet stain is visible going down the leg of Sosha's pants as she pees
After Sosha pees in her pants a giant, visible, wet stain is visible
After peeing herself, Sosha inspects her wet pants
Still wearing her wet pants, she can't help but smile with how good the relief feels