A woman squats and pees through her panties while being recorded on a night-vision video camera.

Squat Pee Failure

A woman desperate to pee tries to squat in the woods, but waited a little too long and ends up having an embarrassing accident in this voyeur video.

Here is the scene- A voyeur is lying in wait with a night vision video camera, ready to capture some public squatting and relief.  It seems the voyeur’s efforts are about to be rewarded when Sosha comes by, holding herself, wearing jeans and a coat.  She is so desperate, however, we can see the back of her pants are already wet as she squats down.  She doesn’t even have time to pull down her panties, instead freely peeing through them.

She must hear something, or have some reason to suspect she is being watched, because mid-pee she suddenly stands up and halfway pulls up her jeans, but then stops as she realizes she is still peeing.  Once she manages to stop the flow she pulls her pants up the rest of the way and runs off.  In the process, she makes a huge mess; She has wet her jeans, peed through her panties, and continued peeing down her legs as she tried to stand up.  This attempt at squatting was a complete and utter failure, and thanks to night vision technology we can enjoy all of it.

Preview Images

Desperate to pee, Sosha looks for a place to squat in the forest.
She is so desperate to pee she is holding her crotch.
As she turns around to squat, we can see the back of her jeans are already wet.
Squatting down, she pees freely through her floral panties.
She is still peeing through her panties as she tries to stand up.
Pulling up her wet jeans over her wet underwear.
From behind we can clearly see her wet pants.
After peeing all over herself she walks away from the direction she came.