Sosha’s Shoe

Alisha plays a pissy prank on Sosha and records herself doing it in this video.

Alisha thinks it would be funny to play a prank on Sosha. She decides that she is going to pee in Sosha’s shoe so when Sosha goes to put her shoes on she finds her sneakers full of urine.

Using a consumer high definition camera Alisha records herself pulling off the prank. After explaining the plan Alisha squats over Sosha’s sneakers and pees through her panties filling up Sosha’s shoes. She then hides the camera so Sosha won’t notice it.

We then skip ahead to Sosha putting on her shoes. Sosha steps into her first sneaker than freezes. She looks confused for a brief moment, then quickly recoils away from the now cold and wet shoe. Slightly appalled she lifts the shoe and gives it a sniff. Her fears are confirmed. The shoe smells like urine. Instantly she knows this was the work of Alisha.

In this video you get to see-

  • Alisha peeing through her panties into Sosha’s shoe.
  • Sosha attempting to put her shoe on, unaware Alisha had used it as her own personal urinal.
  • Sosha reacting to the pee filled sneaker.