Sosha’s Forced Shower

This is a bit of a twist on the traditional bondage-peeing scenario. In your typical bondage pee video you have a girl who is tied up and desperate to pee. Eventually she can’t hold it anymore and has an accident. This is a hot scenario, but we did something a little bit different here.

In this video Sosha is completely nude and tied up on the floor. Unable to escape she is completely at Alisha’s mercy. Sosha doesn’t have to pee though. She is not desperate and not about to have an Accident.

On the other hand Alisha, who is wearing only black panties, has a very full bladder. With Sosha restrained Alisha stands over Sosha, legs spread apart. She proceeds to pee through her panties all over Sosha. Sosha is completely soaked in the process.

After Alisha is done peeing she unties Sosha and lets her go. The video ends with a shot of the puddle on the floor and both girls walking around in it.

This video features-

  • Sosha completely nude and tied up on the floor.
  • Alisha wearing only a tiny pair of black panties.
  • Alisha standing over Sosha and peeing through her panties.
  • Sosha soaked in Alisha’s urine.