Sosha sits on the floor and intentionally pees her pants

Sosha’s Cell Phone Selfies

Take a look at these home-made pictures that Sosha just sent us.  Shot at home in her bathroom, she intentionally pees in her jeans for us all to enjoy.

From the first pictures in this gallery, Sosha is topless, which always is a good thing.  Smiling at the camera, she sits on the bathroom’s tile floor and proceeds to intentionally pee in her jeans.  After soaking her pants, she shows them off for the camera.  Ultimately she takes off her sopping wet jeans and shows off her soaked cotton panties.

Preview Images

Sosha takes a happy, topless, selfy
Sitting on the floor, Sosha intentionally pees in her jeans
Wearing only the panties that she peed in, Sosha smiles at the camera.
The ass of Sosha's panties are visibly soaked with pee