Sosha pees in her pants after accidentally locking herself outside

Sosha Spots a Kitty

Watch an adorable kitty cat execute a diabolical plan to make Sosha wet her pants in this video.

It is early in the morning when an incredibly fluffy kitty cat appears on Sosha’s porch.  Upon laying eyes on the kitty, Sosha is instantly overcome by an irresistible urge to pet it.  Detecting this, the cat jumps off the porch, luring Sosha outside after it.  Sosha chases the cat outside, closing the door behind her.  The cat manages to stay just out of reach, despite Sosha’s attempts to draw it closer.  Finally the cat wanders off and Sosha attempts to go back inside, but discovers that she has locked herself out.

Sosha knocks on the door, trying to wake up someone else to let her in.  Unfortunately, no one hears her banging on the door.  Being stuck out on the porch wouldn’t be so bad, except that she needs to pee.  The cold morning air isn’t helping the situation, causing Sosha to grow increasingly desperate to pee.  Her attempts to wake someone to let her in grow evermore frantic as she struggles to hold back the contents of her bladder.

Sadly, no one else is awake yet.  Despite all her efforts, no one hears Sosha’s pounding on the door.  Then, as she is frantically trying to get someone inside to pay attention, it happens- For a split second her attention strays from holding her pee and it starts to slip out.  Once the seal is broken, she can’t hold back.  Quickly her jeans grow dark with wetness as she pees in her pants.  It doesn’t take her long to fully empty her bladder, soaking her jeans.

She is relieved, but still locked out, and in wet pants.  Resigned to having to wait for someone else to wake up, she hangs out on the porch, still wearing her wet pants.  Finally the kitty returns, so at least she isn’t completely alone as she waits for someone to discover her and open the door.

Preview Images

An adorable kitty cat lures Sosha outside
Wanting to pet the kitty, Sosha heads outside after it
Once outside, the kitty remains out of reach
Sosha tries to go back inside, but discovers the door is locked
She tries to knock on the door to get someone to come open it, but no one hears
Sosha needs to pee very bad
Unable to hold it, she starts to pee in her pants
Bursting to pee, she can't stop the flow and completely soaks her jeans
The entire back of her jeans is soaked
Having already wet her pants, all she can do is wait for someone to let her in