Sosha Scares Alisha

Sosha pops out of no where and scares Alisha so badly she has an accident in this fear wetting video.

Alisha is cleaning the kitchen, but is desperate to pee. The kitchen is almost clean though. She just has to finish wiping down a few surfaces and she will be done. Since she is so close to finishing, she decides to put off using the bathroom for just a couple minutes so she can complete the cleaning.

Sosha observes that Alisha is desperate and decides to take advantage of the situation. She quietly creeps into the kitchen and sneaks up on Alisha. Then, when Alisha’s back is turned, she jumps up and screams inches in front of Alisha’s face. For a moment Alisha is terrified. Quickly Alisha regains her composure, but it is too late. That brief moment of terror was all that was required for Alisha to loose control of her bladder and pee in her pants.

A warm river of urine flows down the inside of Alisha’s legs soaking her pants on the way to the floor. Sosha laughs hysterically as Alisha tries to conceal her embarrassment. There is no way Alisha can hide it though, her pants are soaked!

This video shows-

  • Alisha cleaning the kitchen while desperate to pee.
  • Sosha sneaking up on Alisha and scaring her.
  • Alisha peeing her pants in fear.
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