Sosha peeing in her jeans.

Sosha Peeing in Her Jeans Outside

Check out these photographs of Sosha as she pees in her tight faded jeans.

Featuring more than 170 unique images, this giant gallery takes us outdoors with Sosha.  It is a sunny summer day and Sosha is outside on the deck wearing a black t-shirt and tight faded jeans.  She poses for the camera before intentionally peeing in her pants.  We’re treated to several dozen photos of Sosha as she wets her pants.  After she is done peeing, she proudly shows off her wet jeans to the camera.

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Sosha posing outside in a black t-shirt and faded jeans.
Full body shot of Sosha peeing in her jeans.
Rear view as Sosha shows off her wet jeans.
Posing in her wet, peed-in, jeans.