Desperate to pee in the car

Sosha Needs to Pee in the Car

Driving down a lonely road, Sosha finds herself desperate to pee with no where to go.  Extremely desperate, but not wanting to have a wet accident in her car, she frantically tries to find a place to stop.

In this video we join Sosha in the car.  She has been driving for a while, and has already drank two very large cups of coffee.  All that coffee is now catching up with her, and she is desperate to pee.  Even though she can usually hold on for a while, the situation is truly dire.  She is forced to press her hands between her legs to prevent herself from peeing on the car seat.

The road is incredibly narrow.  Far outside of town, the street is bordered by forestland on either side.  With no space to pull the car over alongside the road, Sosha’s only option is to continue to drive and hope that she finds a place to pull over before it is too late.

Just as Sosha is about to loose control and wet her pants, she spots an area to pull her car off the road. Quickly, she turns off of the street onto the dirt trail.  The path is extremely bumpy, which makes not releasing her bladder exponentially more difficult.

As the car comes to a stop, Sosha bursts out of the driver side door just as she starts to pee.  There is nothing she can do to stop.  Once her bladder found a release with that first tiny leak, it wasn’t about to stop.  Standing next to her car, Sosha completely floods her pants with urine.  It soaks all the way down her legs, filling her shoes, and making a puddle on the forest floor. In shock, all Sosha can do is stand there and let it happen.

Once she finally finishes peeing it suddenly hits her- She, a grown woman, just wet her pants completely on accident.  Humiliated and soaking wet, Sosha takes off her wet jeans, placing them in car before driving off, butt naked.

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Desperate to pee in the car
Desperate to pee in the car
Desperate to pee in the car
Desperate to pee in the car
Sosha gets out of the car, desperate to pee
Sosha starts to leak in her pants, she has to pee so bad
Standing next to the car, Sosha wets her pants
She had to pee so bad it soaks down her legs and makes a puddle on the ground
Standing humiliated in her peed in jeans
Butt naked, Sosha gets back in her car to drive home