Sosha Gets Peed On

Nikko wants to pee on Sosha, and that is exactly what happens in this video.

Sosha is tied to a chair, unable to free herself. Nikko is intent on peeing on her. However, Nikko doesn’t simply want to pee on Sosha because she is helpless to prevent it, Nikko wants Sosha to enjoy the experience. So before peeing on her, Nikko first attempts to arouse Sosha by teasing her and rubbing against her.

Once Nikko is satisfied that Sosha is sufficiently horny, she spreads her legs and pees through her pink panties all over Sosha’s lap. At first, Sosha isn’t sure how to react, but ultimately decides she loves the sensation. Having accomplished what she set out to do, Nikko walks away, leaving Sosha tied up and sitting in her own puddle.